Once more, with feeling...

Why hello, unfortunate webtraveler, you've reached Aria: a fanlisting collective. Like most other fanlisting collectives, this is a glorified list of links, except mine has a funny picture of Keigo. Or at least it used to. It's pretty much a glorified list of links full-time, now. Uh...


S ome stuff just defies categorization. Other stuff has a fairly obvious category, there's just not much else I can stick into that category, and then we'd get all these subpages with just one fanlisting and that wouldn't look good with the layout. So! Here be the miscellany category, for fanlistings various and sundry!

Glory We Steer

Master and Commander
Subject: Master and Commander
Fandom: Aubrey/Maturin
URL: http://fan.valiantknife.org/m&c

This film is a beautiful blend of history, action, and gorgeous cinematography. It really helps that it's a great adaptation of a book series I adore. If that's not enough, it also has a lot of hot men trapped in an enclosed space.

He Who Asks for Ruin

Lezard Valeth
Subject: Lezard Valeth
Fandom: Valkyrie Profile
URL: http://flora-fleur.net/valeth

Necromancer. Stalker. Harry Potter lookalike. Lezard is brilliant, stylish, and too much awesome for one videogame to handle. And he does what he does for love! Isn't that romantic? Co-run with Chloe!

Life & Liberty

The Founding Fathers
Subject: Edmund Pevensie
Fandom: I'm a nerd.
URL: http://fan.valiantknife.org/founders

My favorite historical figures are a group of extremely messed-up dead white men who somehow got it together and managed to create a nation. It's an absolutely fascinating story, regardless of whatever hangups people have with America and patriotism these days.

The Only Inspiration

Shakespeare in Love
Subject: Shakespeare in Love
Fandom: Uh, Tom Stoppard?
URL: http://fan.valiantknife.org/love

One of my favorite films, this romantic comedy features gender-bending antics, some great one-liners, and enough literary in-jokes to satisfy even me! I recently saw this movie again and was reminded just how great it was.

Say Something

Subject: Stosh "Piz" Piznarski
Fandom: Veronica Mars
URL: http://fan.valiantknife.org/piz

Piz is all charming and a welcome angst-free face in the college-turned-film-noir world of Veronica Mars. Plus, he's got killer dance moves! And he plays Guitar Hero just like all the rest of the college cool kids.