Once more, with feeling...

Why hello, unfortunate webtraveler, you've reached Aria: a fanlisting collective. Like most other fanlisting collectives, this is a glorified list of links, except mine has a funny picture of Keigo. Or at least it used to. It's pretty much a glorified list of links full-time, now. Uh...

Final Fantasy

F inal Fantasy has been the most ironically named videogame franchise since 1990 or thereabouts. It is also one of my favorites. Considering this domain was named after a Final Fantasy VI weapon, and the title of this collective is a bit of a nod to a Final Fantasy song, I guess it'd make sense.

Kain Thing!

Subject: Kain Highwind
Fandom: Final Fantasy IV
URL: http://spoonybard.org/kain

Kain has been backstabbing downstabbing paladins since 1992, and if that's not enough for you, soon he'll be doing it in glorious 3d. Seriously, Kain adds this wonderful shade of dark to the already kind of morose Final Fantasy IV, and he happens to be my favorite character. Co-run with Emma.


Subject: Reno
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
URL: http://valiantknife.org/reno

The red-haired maverick is secretly the main character of Final Fantasy VII, and he and the mullet know how to bring sexy back. This is also my most popular fanlisting and site in general by a disturbing margin.

Streaks of Day

Subject: Final Fantasy IV
Fandom: Final Fantasy
URL: http://spoonybard.org/fanlisting

My one fanlisting for a Final Fantasy proper is for the wonderful fourth installment, for my money the most fun in the series. Before junctions, espers, spikey hair, and Ivalice, there were spoony bards. They sang a valiant song; may it never cease to be heard. Co-run with Emma.


Subject: Laguna Loire
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
URL: http://valiantknife.org/laguna

Laguna is the goofy wannabe journalist who rates exactly -3 on the manliness scale. This has never stopped him from being my knight in shining armor. He also managed to save Final Fantasy VIII singlehandedly the first time I played it.