Let's blow this joint!

I never know what to put into links pages to make them interesting and/or informative, so please excuse a few sentences of filler. By now, you're probably itching to leave. And now, with the help of this links page, you can!

Links and Linking

If you'd like to link here for whatever reason, I've provided some buttons. If you need another size, feel free to request one. Donations are always welcome as well :) If you do link me, please tell me about it so that I can return the favor.

The Buttons

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The Affiliates

 Across the Universe Aficionada Aficionado Aftermath Aking Mahal Audiohype Billboards Broken Chord Broken Soul Collide Dusty Arcades Eleventy First Evensong Extacy Glow Fantabulous Firey Heaven For the love of... Gun Shy Ignite Keeping You Here Kristin's Fanlisting Collective Long Ago Lying Awake Mock Defense Music is Magic No Sleep Pavelicious Senaka Sky Rocket Slytherins Totally Hooked Treasure True Fantasies True Heritage Vainglory

Credits and Resources

It's common courtesy to show appreciation through linking, and so here are some of the places that have helped me in the past with fanlistings.

"Frequently" Asked Questions

I need to contact you about something! How can I do so?
Email: alex@valiantknife.org AIM xxAlethia
Email is probably your best bet. If you just want to get to know me, for some strange reason, I hang out at Amphisbena. And there's always livejournal!

Hey, can you teach me how you did x?
Yep! As long as it's within my power, I'll be happy to help you with anything. I'm not going to make your layouts or teach you HTML, but I don't mind sharing a few pointers.

Hey, can I gank your CSS?
Okay, so people don't usually ask, but it happens nonetheless. Generally I'm okay with a bit of code-borrowing. I'm more of an imitator than an innovator myself, so I understand. It's how we learn. But if all you're doing is copying my sites, you're doing yourself a disservice.