Once more, with feeling...

Why hello, unfortunate webtraveler, you've reached Aria: a fanlisting collective. Like most other fanlisting collectives, this is a glorified list of links, except mine has a funny picture of Keigo. Or at least it used to. It's pretty much a glorified list of links full-time, now. Uh...


D on't let the fact that this is a "gaming domain" fool you, books are my first and deepest love. I was the girl that not only read all the books I was assigned in high school, but savored every minute of them. Whenever I had a bad day, The Count of Monte Cristo would be there waiting for me. But literature is more than an escape, it's a way to see the world.

Dream American

The Great Gatsby
Subject: The Great Gatsby
Fandom: 10th Grade English Class
URL: http://fan.valiantknife.org/gatsby

This book haunts you. It's more than the perfectly crafted prose and the famous last words-- it is the magnificent and terrible picture of what we want to be. Then wear the gold hat, if that will move her...

Elements of Fantasy

Garth Nix
Subject: Garth Nix
Fandom: I still shop in the kids' section!
URL: http://fan.valiantknife.org/nix

Garth Nix is my favorite author in my guilty-pleasure genre, young adult fantasy. The worlds he creates enthrall me time and again. Seriously, you can't know me withou me randomly thrusting his work at you.

Just Deserts

Edmund Pevensie
Subject: Edmund Pevensie
Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia
URL: http://fan.valiantknife.org/edmund

Edmund was one of my very first favorite characters, being the most interesting Pevensie and starting a life-long search for Turkish Delight. I later discovered that Turkish Delight didn't taste very good, but more than a decade later, I still love Edmund.

La Gouvernante

Jane Eyre
Subject: Jane Eyre
Fandom: Charlotte Brontë
URL: http://fan.valiantknife.org/jane

I'm normally not one for romance, but Jane Eyre always got me someplace deep. The characters and their myriad personal problems had me hooked from about page one. This is the sort of book that reminds me why I love books.


Sydney Carton
Subject: Sydney Carton
Fandom: A Tale of Two Cities
URL: http://fan.valiantknife.org/sydney

This site is my attempt to spark a Charles Dickens fangirl revolution, because Sydney Carton just might be my favorite character of all time. I've bought at least five copies of A Tale of Two Cities so far, and the ending for Sydney never changes. But I love him so much I buy the damn books anyway.

Some Sort of Epic

F. Scott Fitzgerald
Subject: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Fandom: 1920s prettyboys
URL: http://fan.valiantknife.org/fitzgerald

Though his life reads suspiciously like one of his books, it doesn't make them any less entertaining. And damn, can that young fellow write. I've read every one of his novels and have never failed to be impressed.


Alexandre Dumas
Subject: Alexandre Dumas
Fandom: 19th-century French lit?
URL: http://fan.valiantknife.org/dumas

Dumas is a master storyteller, and the author of all the books that make my bad days go away. When I pick up one of his books, I know I won't be putting it down. Plus, without him there would be no Gankutsuou, and who would want to live in a world without psychadellic waistcoats?

Tous Pour Un

The Three Musketeers
Subject: The Three Musketeers
Fandom: Alexandre Dumas
URL: http://fan.valiantknife.org/musketeers

Athos, Porthos, and Aramis are the coolest kids that side of 1793. Add some intrigue, a dash of romance, and pretty much the most bad-ass breakfast ever, and you have a novel that is just as fun now as it was in 1844.