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The Lesser City

Resurrectionist is meant to be a small, personal site where I gather my reflections on one of my faorite fictional characters and his inspiring story. I clearly don't have any affiliation with Charles Dickens, but he is profoundly dead, and his works are public domain. I also am not trying to offer anyone a critical analysis of the novel. I appreciate the work too much to subject it to rational analysis. Because, the last time I checked, this site somehow became the #1 Yahoo search for Sydney Carton, I'm sure people are coming through here hoping for help on their term papers, and that's not really what I'm looking to do here. Like I said, this is just a place for me to sort out my feelings about a character I feel deeply about, and a place for others who feel the same way can come together.

I've been making websites for a few years now, and I guess I'm attracted to the exhibitionism. I'm not a very public person in life, and I'm certainly nothing of a voyeur, but the internet allows you to bare your soul with total anonymity, and there's something to be said for that. Anyway, one thing I love to do is make sites showcasing characters that move me, and though I'm not the originator of this practice, the characters I tend to apply it to are somewhat unorthodox. I love literature, but sites about literature seem to be afraid of getting into the nitty-gritty and the personal. I don't think Dickens would have wanted that. I'm not sure he would've been too keen on this place, either, but, well.

That said, the character of Carton moves me because, I suppose, I'm in love with the idea that we can all become something better. I don't identify with Carton, persay, but I sympathize. A lot of people who aren't thrown off by the wordy prose and general Dickens-ness of A Tale of Two Cities will know what I mean when I say that Carton just deserves all the respect he can get. I have to keep the resurrection going.

This layout is the second version of Resurrectionist, although there was a previous layout by another name. It features one of the original illustrations of A Tale of Two Cites, edited to include bloodstains and a quote from the novel. I thougt I'd keep things simple after my last bloated attempt at a layout.

I hand code all my layouts using a basic text editor. I try to keep my HTML as valid as possible. The fonts used include Georgia, Arial, and Plain Black. I edited all images in Adobe Photosop 7. The fanlisting section is made with the help of Enthusiast 3.