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Books are a written medium rather than a visual one, so it's sort of hard to find images, but I've put together two small galleries for your viewing pleasure.

Illustrations; The original images that accompanied the serial release of A Tale of Two Cities. Carton looks astoundingly different in each of them.

Covers; Cover scans of some of my copies of A Tale of Two Cities, larger sized for use in layouts and stuff if you'd like.


Below are three of my favorite Carton-related passages, from the beginning of the book, the middle of the book, and the end of the book respectively.

Drink; Carton and Darnay have a rather odd conversation, serving as our first real introduction to Carton's personality. Poor Sydney.

Love; Carton sees Lucie late one night, and confesses his love and his heart to her. Poor, poor Sydney.

Death; Carton's meditation as he is about to be executed in Darnay's place. A ridiculously moving peice of writing. Poor, poor, poor Sydney.