In season 3, Stosh "Piz" Piznarski was introduced as a main character in Veronica Mars. Currently, he doesn't appear as much as his "regular" status would have you suspect, he's still pretty present in the minds of fans at least as a threat to the Logan/Veronica relationship. As Wallace's new college roommate, Piz loses his possessions to a "Welcome Wagon" con. Of course, Wallace enlists Veronica's aid, and Piz soon develops a crush on Veronica. Piz has since become a fixture in Veronica's extended network of friends.

About Piz

Piz is 19, a Libra, and a freshman at Hearst College like most of the Veronica Mars cast. He hails from Beaverton, Oregon-- a suburb of Portland, and his prized posession is his guitar. He shares the sense of humor that comes from the show's excellent writing and comes across as your typical nice guy with slightly longer hair. Piz loves music and is a bit. He has a job as a radio host and enjoys playing Guitar Hero in addition to the real thing. His favorite television shows are Arrested Development, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Heroes. (All of which, I might add, are pretty fantastic.) The character's last name is a tribte to Mark Piznarski, who directed the pilot and other early episodes of Veronica Mars.

Unfortunately, it's hard to talk about Piz without the context of the crazy popular Logan/Veronica (LoVe) relationship. Piz was introduced as a potential love interest for Veronica, and it's clear he has a crush on her. In some ways, he seems to be a foil for Logan, stepping into the "nice-guy" shoes that Duncan Kane vacated in Season 2. Piz is sweet, upbeat, and generally average, while Logan is complex, dark, and abrasive. Honestly though, I like Piz as a character in his own right rather than a "potential love interest."

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This particular fanlisting is maintained by me, Alex, 20-something college student and Final Fantasy ubernerd extraordinare. My reaction to the Veronica Mars Season 3 premiere can be summed up as "PPIIIIIZZ ♥!!1" He quickly became my favorite character, possibly because I live right next door to Beaverton and my friends play a lot of Guitar Hero. I can't pretend to understand the mysterious appeal of Piz, but I do know I go into every episode hoping he'll show up.

This fanlisting was a Christmas present from the wonderful Daphne.