On Fanlistings

A fanlisting is exactly what it sounds like, a listing of fans. Here, fans of a certain subject submit their name, country and email and are added to the list. The idea is to compile a big list of fans for a certain subject from all over the world :) This is the fanlisting for the wonderful 1998 movie Shakespeare in Love.

Shakespeare in Love

Summary; A short summary of the plot of this film, just to refresh the memory.

Cast; The phrase "all-star cast" is thrown around a lot, but I think this film really has one. Judi Dench, Gwenyth Paltrow, Colin Firth...how could a movie with all these talented actors go wrong?

Quotes; This movie is full of memorable one-liners, in addition to the lovely Shakespearean verse. Here are some of the former.

Footnotes; If you are a fan of Elizabethan literature, Shakespeare in Love is full of lots of little in-jokes. Here are some of the various references.

Gallery; A small gallery of Shakespeare in Love production photos and shots.