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This fanlisting has been approved since December of 2002, however, I am not the original owner. It was run by Melody until mid-2004, when I, Alex, assumed control. I'm forever greatful to her for letting me adopt this fanlisting and help unite fans of Jane Eyre all over the world. I know it sounds corny, but it's the truth.

I'm really quite fond of this layout, even though it only took an hour or so of Photoshop work to complete. The image, as stated, belongs to Lord Frederick Leighton, however, he's dead now and thus cannot sue me. I found the painting at artrenewal, which is a wonderful place to browse though I'm somewhat iffy on their principles. The text used in the image manipulation (or what have you) is of course from Jane Eyre. Fonts used in the layout include Georgia, Arial, and Parchment.

La Gouvernante was the name chosen by Melody, it's French for "The Governess" and I liked it, so I kept the name when I took over the site.

La Gouvernante is does accept affiliations, just email me with the word "Jane Eyre" somewhere in the subject. I accept related fanlistings- so anything specifically dealing with Jane Eyre, the Bront¨ sisters, or early British novels is welcomed. I'm proud to be affiliated with the following sites:

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