O my hero, my beloved

Aria was launched in early 2007 as a new home for all my fanlistings. Previously, it has been known by such titles as Mythic and Solitaire Queen. No, it has never been known by anything that makes sense. That defies the very idea of fanlisting collective, I say!


I t's pretty much tradition for fanlisting collective owners to declare their intention on other people's stuff somewhere on their own site. And who am I to deny tradition?

My Number One


I love Locke Cole in ways it should be impossible to love a fictional character. He's been my favorite since I first played Final Fantasy VI more than a decade ago. I got started in this whole website collective business because I wanted to make a fansite for him. (I did, and you can visit it.) It's gotten to the point that I almost can't articulate why I love him anymore, I just accept it as one of those laws of the universe. But there's something in his story about chivalry and its perversions that grabs me now at twenty-one as much as it did then at the age of nine. It's in the way his virtues stand for vices and his sprite winks in the face of danger, the way he holds people when they need to be held but can't save himself for the life of him.

The Rest

Stuff I don't like quite as much as Locke, but would kill to get the chance to run nonetheless.

This list is as complete as I could make it, but is subject to change at any time. Thankyouandgoodnight!