O my hero, my beloved

Aria was launched in early 2007 as a new home for all my fanlistings. Previously, it has been known by such titles as Mythic and Solitaire Queen. No, it has never been known by anything that makes sense. That defies the very idea of fanlisting collective, I say!

The Layout

I make layouts here generally to showcase new and interesting fandoms that I don't otherwise have sites for. This time around, I tried something different. I wanted to experiment with what I'm terming an "anime-style" collective design, despite the fact that I have no anime fanlistings except the games stuff I've crosslisted.

So I used images from Suikoden, because I love to ram that down people's throats. Actually, this layout uses images specifically from the fifth and most recent installment, because it's a good game, has a distinct visual style, and I have a lot of art from it saved on my harddrive.

Suikoden V

Suikoden V tells the story of Freyjadour, Prince of Falena and bearer of what might be the most ridiculous name in RPGdom. Falena is a Queendom; political power is only wielded by the females of the royal line, and so as the Prince, poor Freyjadour's day is full of symbolic duties and rather meaningless diplomatic missions. This is until the machinations of ambitious rivals put the throne and future of the Queendom itself in danger, and only the Prince can save the day! The silly-sounding story of mute heroism and army-building is actually intelligent political intrigue, and the Falenan royal family dynamic is one of the best I've seen in a video game.

With Suikoden layouts I generally try to incorperate as much of the cast into the design as possible, but this time I may have wound up with a "Queen's Knight" theme. The characters featured most prominently are the Prince and Miakis, but Kyle's there in the background, and you can never have enough Kyle. Really, though, you can never have enough Queen's Knight. I love them all! Georg, Kyle, Miakis, Kyle, Ferid, Kyle, Gizel...

Besides my undying love for Kyle, this layout was a bit of an experiment. For a while now I've been all about center aligned boxy-style layouts, and I wanted a bit of a change. This layout, with it's anime-styled imagery and seventies-style color scheme, is less "professional" than my previous attempts, but hopefully it's a bit more fun.

Also, as usual, I went kinda overboard with the rollovers. Many things will change color when you move your mouse over them. Do not be alarmed.