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The Beautiful and Damned

One afternoon I was putting the finishing touches on Dream American, I was searching for the url of the Fitzgerald fanlisting. Being that I usually stalk the Authors/Writers category like a hawk, I was shocked to see it had closed down without my knowledge. I promptly sent in a rambling beast of an application, and was again shocked when I was approved to run the fanlisting. (Fitzgerald's reputation being what it is, I had to apply thrice before I was finally approved for Gatsby.)

Now, I had been planning on making some sort of Fitzgerald related art site because I find his work tremendously inspiring in that way. I had also been contemplating some sort of general site, with all my ramblings an opinions on the man, which this fanlisting will hopefully in time grow into. When I was approved to run the fanlisting I knew I wanted to make it wider than most of these sorts of sites are, to better encompass the depth of my obsession with the man.

The layout was created using photos of a younger Scott. The texture used in the layout is from here, and the fonts used are Renaissance Scrolls, Arial, and Georgia. It's nothing spectacular, but I'm rather fond of the gradient. The major goal was to make a layout without a sidebar, and in that respect I've succeeded. The name comes from one of my favorite quotes,

I am not a great man, but sometimes I think the impersonal and objective equality of my talent and the sacrifices of it, in pieces, to preserve its essential value has some sort of epic grandeur.

As Some Sort of Epic Grandeur is the name of the F. Scott Fitzgerald biography, I took off the last word to be different. I really do think the man is some sort of epic- a harsher, modern kind, yes, but epic all the same.

The Web of Lies

If you want to contact me for any site related queries, or just want to discuss Fitzgerald, one of my favorite subjects, you can email me at You could also sign my guestbook if you feel so inclined.

Here are some of my favorite related links:
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FSF Links: This is a huge set of links to pretty much anything you could ever want about the man.
This Side of Paradise: E-Text of his first novel, which you should read when you're still young, before the philosophizing and posturing grows old.

And here are all the Fitzgerald fanlistings in existance:
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My other fanlistings can be found at Grandeur, my genral collective is Astarael- I have quite a few sites on a large variety of topics, if you're ever interested in browsing.

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