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The Romantic Egotist

Years afterward, when he went back to St. Regis', he seemed to have forgotten the successes of sixth-form year, and to be able to picture himself only as the unadjustable boy who had hurried down corridors, jeered at by his rabid contemporaries mad with common sense. -This Side of Paradise

The Man - A short biography of Franics Scott Key Fitzgerald with all the usual trappings.

Of Letters - A summary of his major works- novels, short stories, and essays- as well as a bit of analysis and trivia.

On Zelda -On his infamous and inspiring wife, Zelda Sayre. Some quotes, some information, some speculation, and all of that jazz.

Of Words and Works

Bernice Bobs Her Hair - The complete short story and the first that he published. This established both Scott and the age in which he wrote.

From This Side of Paradise - My favorite passages and quotes from Scott's debut best-seller, a novel fo coming of age.

From The Great Gatsby - Fitzgerald's masterpiece was published before his thirtieth birthday, and is today his most widely-known and well-regarded work.

Miscellaneous - Favorite quotes from other works, such as Tender is the Night and The Crack-Up, which houses some of his most famous.

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